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Real people. Real results.

Real people.
Real results.

See how our beauties are transforming their look with GENi hair. No fake reviews, just true, magical results!

Rated by 100+ Happy Customers


Our gorgeous GENi GIRLS are experiencing the magic!

“I thank you!! ... I loved it and only my 1st try with such amazing results, so soon as well! This will be my go-to product from now on x”

“So so impressed! This is incredible. My hair is really shiny and straight without straighteners + no frizz!! Thanks so much for bringing this product out!”

I’ve just used these amazing products from GENi Hair, the leave-in treatment and the smoother and they are AMAZING! Love, love, love it!

“I really love it!! Thank you so much GENi Hair for making my hair absolutely lush!”

“I love them and they make my hair feel so soft and shiny! My hair literally feels like I have had it done at a salon, and the products are so easy to apply as well”

“I absolutely adore this product. As I was using it, it smelt like what a professional salon would use. That obviously impressed me! And I noticed after using it, how little frizz my hair has. Naturally I’m super frizzy but now it feels sleek. It looks like I’ve straightened it but I clearly haven’t!”

“My hair has never been this frizz-free before. Even when I go to the hairdressers and I spend a fortune. GENi hair is so much better than that! It has made my life! Yasss!

“So embarrassed how frizzy my hair was to start with omg! Thanks, GENi Hair, I absolutely love this product, I need more!”

“Omg, my hair looks insane 🤩🤩🤩💕💕💕. Thank you for bringing out GENi Hair!”

“My friend recommended GENi Hair after they’d used it to remove frizz, and oh my word it works!! Thanks so much!”

“As a man with hair down to his elbows, things can get a little unkempt so I decided to try out the GENi Kit. I tend to have dry ends and oily roots and this handled both well, after my first use I noticed my hair feeling silky and looking the part too. All three products which I tried (the shampoo, smoother and leave in treatment) smelt fresh and didn't leave my skin irritated or feeling greasy. Highly recommended.”

“My hair looks and feels so shiny - I love it! thank you so much x ”

“My hair feels so nice too! It looks amazing and so shiny!!”

“I was washing and drying my hair in the gym changing rooms and I’m not even joking it took me 8 mins and it’s silky smooth every single girl in there was like ‘how the hell did you dry your hair so”

Rated by 100+ Happy Customers

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